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The "Routine Upgrade" Bundle

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For the guy ready to move beyond shampoo, conditioner, body wash!

Skincare is about the long game! The more proactive the man in your life, the more youthful he will look as he ages. This package was crafted around some spectacular products. We use these products on a daily basis and we highly recommend them to keep the men in your life looking and feeling youthful. It's more than just a gift for your Dad, Uncle and/or Grandfather. The bundle includes the following items that you can't find anywhere else:

  1. Bulldog Anti-Aging Moisturizer: This moisturizer is purpose built for men. It does not contain artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or ingredients form animal sources. A little goes a long way and once absorbed is not at all greasy (more info)

  2. Fulton & Roark Face Wash: This face wash is designed to condition ones skin, leaving it healthy and balanced. Eucalyptus and Tea Tree invigorate while the while Lemon Verbena and Green Tea Extract tone and moisturize (more info)

  3. Triumph & Disaster Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub: Skin grows old and peels naturally. Left to their own devices dead layers of skin will sit on the surface until they either flake or are brushed away. Beneath dead skin pores build up deposits of sebum, the oil our skin naturally produces. Over time these deposits collect particles of dirt creating all of our nasty skin issues. Regular exfoliation will remove this build up (more info)

This bundle normally retails for $96.50, but since we're in the holiday spirit, you can be the hero for ONLY $59.95!