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The "Can't Go Wrong" Bundle

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For the guy who you just aren't quite sure what to get!

This is the perfect gift for the guy who only buys what the commercials tell him too. It is stocked with the the main items every guy uses: a lip balm, a shaving gel and a top-shelf bar of soap. This bundle is catered towards the sensitive skin type, meaning it would be a great gift for any guy. The bundle includes the following items that you can't find anywhere else:

  1. Buckler's Chapped Lip Remedy: A unique no shine lip balm that locks in moisture allowing active ingredients to protect and prevent dryness. Provides a physical block to wind and other extreme conditions (more info)

  2. Bulldog Original Shave Gel: This shaving gel is purpose built for men and contains amazing natural ingredients, no artificial colours, no synthetic fragrances and no ingredients from animal sources. For the guy with a beard, it's a subtle reminder, that you still need to clean up your edges/neck and keep that beard looking groomed (more info)

  3. Triumph & Disaster A+R Bar Soap: Infused with a bespoke natural T&D fragrance, this almond milk bar soap gently works with oat flakes to massage the surface of your skin, while the rosehip oil treats, heals and protects - ultimately it won't dry out ones skin (more info)

This bundle normally retails for $30.50, but since we're in the holiday spirit, you can be the hero for ONLY $19.95!