Whether you are a bar soap or body wash guy, there is more than scent to consider when picking arguably the most important product in your grooming routine. Most important, yes! We are talking about the one product that cleans approximately 90% of your body, that you use on at least a daily basis... we hope. There are several things to consider when selecting either a bar soap or body wash:

  • Skincare: Our higher-end bar soaps are just as hydrating as their body wash counterparts, packed with moisture-rich ingredients.
  • Hygiene: Bar soaps breed bacteria! Think again, studies have proven otherwise. Body wash applicators breed mould and bacteria, but frequent washing inhibits growth.
  • Ease of use: Bar soap is an unpack and use until it’s gone solution, for the environmentally friendly, bar soap makes a ton of sense.
  • Travel friendliness: While bar soap won’t leak all over your clothes and valuables, packing a wet bar soap might be the most unsatisfying part of any trip.
  • Cost effectiveness: Bar soap is at the mercy of shower splash and standing water, which will diminish its size whether you using it or not.
  • Shower ledge space usage: Nothing else fits in that little soap wall unit, whereas a bottle of body wash may take up valuable shower ledge space.