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The Groomed Man Co. Morning Wood Beard Oil

Morning Beard Oil

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Nourishes the skin and underlying skin, promoting an improvement in overall beard health

  • Brand: The Groomed Man Co. (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Scent: Morning Wood - full of rich wooden scents, featuring Australian sandalwood
  • Application: Dispense desired amount of oil into clean hands. Rubbing your hands together gently massage into the skin underneath the beard outward. Comb beard thoroughly (if applicable) to ensure even distribution.
  • Shine: Neutral, providing your beard with a healthy luster
  • Weight: Lightweight feel in the beard
  • Greasiness: Non-greasy
  • Size: Net Wt. 1 fl. oz glass jar with a dripolator cap (30ml)
  • Additional: Softens the beard, eliminates itch, moisturizes skin preventing flakes and promotes healthier growing conditions

INGREDIENTS: Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond and Essential Oils: Australian Sandalwood Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Pine Oil, Patchouli Oil, Rosemary Extract.