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Bloc Hyalin

Bloc Hyalin

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ABOUT: Concocted from 100% natural Potassium Alum premium, through a long and complicated purification process, Feret Parfumeur's Bloc Hyalin Deodorant & Aftershave is an innovative product: despite being made of all-natural ingredients that contain no toxic chemicals or parabens, it's recognized as an outstanding deodorant and aftershave. Smoothed over your skin with its special rolled top, this block leaves a thin, invisible film of mineral salts which block the formation of odour-producing bacteria.
  • Apply as pre-shave for an easy-glide shave
  • Use after shave to calm razor burn and tone skin
  • Soothe and seal nicks from shaving with anti-bacterial properties
  • Use as deodorant to neutralize odour and perspiration
INGREDIENTS: 100% natural potassium alum