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Brother's Artisan Oil Sage & Mint Forest Grooming Oil

Grooming Oil

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Multipurpose oil: conditions beards, tames hair frizz & hydrates skin

  • Brand: Brother's Artisan Oil (Boston, USA)
  • Scent: A sage and mint forest blend that is refreshing, green and herbal - a bottled grove of trees meets wet morning dew
  • Application: Beard: massage into beard, preferably after a shower, to lock moisture and prevent splitting. Hair: work through wet hair and style as usual, to condition and tame frizz. Skin: apply to damp face for unparalleled hydration.
  • Shine: completely neutral - provides a very natural luster
  • Weight: Weightless 
  • Greasiness: Non-greasy
  • Size: Net Wt. 1 fl. oz. glass bottle with rubber dropper (30ml)
  • Additional: non comedogenic (meaning formulated not to block pores)

INGREDIENTS: Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, Blend of essential oils.


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