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No More Sweaters, No More Books! Gifts to Improve your Man’s Looks.

Our Not-So-Secret Gifting Guide For Your Man!

Stop putting yourself through the drama of busy malls and bargain hunting! We’ve made finding the perfect gift your man incredibly easy. Shop at your convenience, without the crowds, without breaking the bank and without added stress, oh and of course we ship for free!

Budget Busters 
We’re big believers in positive bank balances, and we’re not in the business of destroying your budget. Our team has created this list of fantastic budget busters, designed to help you be a hero this holiday season:

Good Grooming for your Guy (Price: $20.00)
If your guy likes to look good, our range of pomade will put you into his good books. A sample pack of our best-selling pomades will give him the luxury of choice, and you the benefit of not having to commit to a big tub. Our sample pack contains several 1-ounce jars of pomade are great for when he’s on the move, or testing a new haircut.

The Vegan Variety (Price: $23.00)
He’s a big animal lover, so get him something he will love that’s cruelty free. Our shaving soap – vegan-friendly and not tested on animals – is one to go under the Christmas tree. Traditional shaving soaps use beef tallow (fat) to create a thick lather, but not ours! Citrus-infused, super slick and extra-easy to use, our shaving soap will have him whipping a lovely lather in no time.

No Fuss, No Fury (Price: $19.95)
If he’d sooner bake cookies than shop for body wash, this bundle’s for you. A bundle of bathroom brilliance, our essentials grooming package has everything he needs to scrub and suit up before a big night out. This package contains a no-shine lip balm, an invigorating bar soap, and shave cream that’ll bring you in for a closer inspection. SHOP NOW

Here He Comes to Save The Day (Price: $39.95)
He’s a hardworking man with no time on his hands…but plenty of cracks. Chapped lips, flaky skin and dry hands are a thing of the past with our bundle for conquering dry skin. This bundle contains all the things he can’t anywhere else: a buffer/moisturizer for his hands; a chapped skin solution for every part that’s really exposed to the elements, and a no-shine lip balm that’ll turn him from frosty to kissable. SHOP NOW

I Have No Idea What to Get Him (Price: $25.00+)
You think it’s flaking out, but you’re just raking in the brownie points. Let him pick his favorite finds, with a gift card. Select the amount you’d like to spend and bam, you can tick this gift off your list. SHOP NOW

Slave to the Shave (Price: $58.00)
You like him stubble-free, but his razor makes him think twice? The Merkur 34C double-edged safety razor will have you guy itching to shave (see what we did there?). Superb grip, and an irritation-free shave, this’ll make his face your fave. Order early and we’ll engrave the razor for that extra-special reminder.

No Mid-Life Crisis Here (Price: $65.00)
He’s banging on about convertibles and bikes, but you know it’s only because he spotted those wrinkles on this face this morning. Our Buckler's Overnight Cream is a nourishing antioxidant that’ll protect his handsome face from the world, weather and withering.

Snag your guy’s the best gifts online, and you’ll be free to spend the festive season doing the things you love, together! Enjoy your holidays! 😊