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It’s Almost Dry Season, A.K.A Winter. We Have Your Cure.

The House Stark family motto is a warning, one that, no matter the circumstances, will always be relevant: “winter is coming”. With winter, comes flakey, itchy and dry skin. It’s inevitable and we have helpful tips to make your winter much more manageable.


  1. The one thing you must do, moisturize. your moisturizer is your best friend. Use a thicker/heavier moisturizer with more staying power to prevent water from leaving your skin. Our pick

  2. Exfoliate: The cleaner and cleaner your skin the deeper your moisturizer can penetrate, simple as that. Exfoliating will dry out the skin, so it is imperative that you moisturize after. Our pick.

  3. Warm, not hot showers. Warm temperatures help your skin retain its natural oils, where as hot temperatures can harm or damage your skin.

  4. SPF is your friend. The sun’s rays are less intense in winter, but they can still burn and/or damage your skin. Use an SPF face moisturizer in the morning before you head out. Our pick.

  5. Eat more fish. Essential fatty acids like omega-3’s help make up your skin’s natural moisture retaining barrier. In addition to fish (salmon, tuna and halibut), try eating flax and walnuts.

  6. Use a Humidifier. Dry indoor air can really irritate your skin. Purchasing an inexpensive humidifier can drastically help.

  7. Drink water. Internal hydration matters just as much as your environment.

  8. Keep your hands hydrated. The best way to combat dry hands requires a life-changing scrub combined with a great hand cream. Our pick.

  9. Use a body lotion. Much like your face, your body can get super dry in the winter. Applying a body lotion after your shower to will help the skin retain its moisture. Our pick.