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What You Eat Matters. How Your Diet Is Affecting Your Skin.

Q: I have a great skincare routine, but I still get breakouts! What’s going on?

A: Unfortunately, having a good skincare routine is not the only requirement to achieving great skin. Diet and lifestyle play a significant role in the condition of our skin. I will pinpoint the main areas of issues:

  1. Water (or lack thereof): Almost everyone’s skin is dehydrated. This is could be from our environment but it is also largely due to how much water we intake. Drink up!!
  2. Dairy: Dairy could be the main culprit for your breakouts. I had a facial recently, and my esthetician explained dairy had added hormones that cause increased oil production, particularly in the chin area.
  3. Sugar: Sugar, especially added sugar, should ideally be avoided or consumed in moderation. Sugar is very addicting, but once removed from your diet, your health and skin will thank you.
  4. Smoking: Smoking is obviously bad for you for other reasons but will also wreak havoc on your skin. It can cause premature aging, increase breakouts and dehydrate the skin.
  5. Sun: I am not saying never go in the sun again, but it is important to take precautions when you do i.e. sunscreen, hats, stay in the shade, reapply spf after swimming.
  6. Alcohol: Alcohol is filled with sugar and can also severely dehydrate the skin.
  7. Sleep: Exhaustion and lack of sleep can play a role in your overall health but also it will show in your skin (think puffiness, dark circles).

An important caveat: I am NOT telling you to cut out all of the things on this list. It is more a guideline of what would we should all be mindful of, and what we should be consuming in moderation. If we spend lots of time taking care of our skin, then we should also spend time thinking about what is going on in our bodies. Leave questions below (although bear in mind I am not a nutritionist)!